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Recently I had the opportunity to photograph this mother with her precious daughter.  For the session, we chose the Wetlands Park as the location so that we could get the beautiful textures in the background.  I love working here also because it's a great place to capture some authentic interaction between a mother and a young child.  


The blankies and stuffed animals that our children cherish are so important to them. I love that we could incorporate her special pony into this photograph.

Are these two GORGEOUS or what?!


I love to use props when they are right for the shoot. When I talked with this mom, we talked about simple glamour.  I think they were a perfect fit. I LOVE the way that these umbrellas also acted as soft filters as the sun raised in the sky! 


As a mother myself, it's these real moments that I tend to treasure most.  The way that we cuddle our little ones and surround them with our love is something that only we can do the way that we do it. 

I always take treats with me when I do photo sessions.  Because this session happened close to Valentine's Day, I took some conversation hearts.  I found it quite ironic that when I pulled a handful out, these were two of the sayings that I'd heard this Momma say during our time together. 


Way too often, we mommas are behind the camera.  I am so glad she wasn't shy and enjoyed the moments showing off her sassy style! 


There are lots of moments when I am photographing and things just happen. This spontaneous pout is seriously one of my favorite photographs I've taken in a while. I LOVE THOSE LIPS!!!!


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